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Gavin excites OUR cells.

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Welcome to degraw_daily!!

WELCOME! This community is dedicated to the amazingly talented Gavin Degraw. Here you can post pictures, encounters (in the smallest amount of words), pictures, news (also in the smallest amount of words), and pictures, oh and did I mention pictures??

If you haven't guess it already, this community is mainly about PICTURES!! Every post must contain a PICTURE!


R U L E S:
1. We ask that everyone read the rules before posting.
2. EVERY post must contain a picture.
3. We are now allowing you to post icons, backgrounds, banners, etc. The only thing we ask is that you post teasers and then put the rest under an LJ cut.
4. Be nice and respect the members of this community! And please do not start drama, save it for the school yard.
5. If you post a large pic or multiple pics, please put them under an lj-cut.
6. If you are interested in joining, respect Gavin for his talents, not just his looks.
7. Please no hotlinking. We would like to avoid bandwidth theft. Check into photobucket.

1. If the moderator finds a problem with any of the posts, she will politely comment. You then have 2 days to fix the post. If it is not fixed within 2 days, the post will be deleted!
2. If the maintainer or a member uses your picture without credit, politely comment, and the proper credit will be given.

moderator/maintainer: greeneyedbabe20

Gavin DeGraw is love.

If you would like some promo banners, please ask and I will be happy to provide them!

This is the main Gavin DeGraw community: gavindegraw
This is a community specifically for Gavin DeGraw icons: gavdegraw_icons
This is a community that holds contests for Gavin icons: gavin_stillness